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Welcome to Happ Herefords
Hereford Cattle Built for Soundness and Longevity
In 2007, in an effort to diversify the Northern Illinois grain farm that has been in the family for 5 generations, Chris purchased a small herd of Hereford cattle from an elderly neighbor. After one year of calving this older herd, Chris set out in search of sound, attractive, and maternal females to serve as the foundation of his own herd. Eight years later, along with his wife Janell, Chris still places emphasis on those three qualities.

Happ Herefords, we strive to breed our cattle for optimum soundness, for better longevity in the herd. We pride ourselves on producing eye-appealing, attractive females that will grow up to be great mothers with substantial udder quality. Presently, our herd consists of 30 registered Hereford cows, with approximately 30 commercial cows involved in our progressive embryo transfer program.

Our goal is to produce cows that can work for you in the pasture and make you proud in the showring. Please feel free to call or stop by and visit anytime.

Chris, Janell, Henry, & Morgan Happ

23817 Meridian Road :: Mendota, Illinois 61342
Phone: 815-823-6652 :: Email: happ84@yahoo.com
Home Sires Females For Sale
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