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happ herefords is focused on providing quality cattle to our customers. Whether you're adding an outstanding breeding piece to your herd, or leading them into the champion drive, our industry leading genetics will prove a great investment for you. Please call us at 815-823-6652 if you have any questions.
—hereford Cattle For Sale
Happ Herefords Online Production Sale - Tuesday, September 18, 2018
Online sale hosted by Show Circuit Online SalesView Video Album.

 We greatly appreciate the support of everyone involved. Please let us know if we can help with any questions in the future.

Lot 1
Registration Number: 43945465 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: 12/20/2017
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  Lot 2
Registration Number: 43945501 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: 01/15/2018
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Lot 3
Registration Number: 43947029 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: 01/16/2018
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  Lot 4
Registration Number: 43945583 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: 02/02/2018
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Lot 5
Registration Number: 43945595 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: 02/15/2018
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  Lot 6
Registration Number: 43947929 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: 02/24/2018
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Lot 7
Registration Number: 43945818 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: 02/26/2018
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  Lot 8
Registration Number: 43945819 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: 03/04/2018
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Lot 9
Registration Number: 43945820 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: 03/06/2018
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  Lot 10
Registration Number: 43945821 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: 03/16/2018
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Lot 11
Registration Number: 43945826 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: 04/03/2018
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  Lot 12
Registration Number: 43947030 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: 04/07/2018
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Lot 13
Registration Number: 43947033 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: 04/25/2018
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  Lot 14
Registration Number: 43947036 (View Pedigree)
Date of Birth: 05/03/2018
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—hereford Embryos For Sale
More sale information coming soon, please keep checking back with us.
—hereford semen For Sale
Delhawk Kahuna 1009 ET
Registration Number: 43104099 (View Pedigree)
Semen packages now available.
  Happ Extra Point 1220 ET
For Semen contact Chris Happ at 815-823-6652 or Adam Swigart
2013 Denver Horned Bull Calf Champion
2012 NAILE Calf Champion Bull
Full sib to the 2013 NJHE Grand Champion Horned Female,
Happ Koolaid Points 1218 ET
Owned with Swigart Herefords
Happ Valor 37C ET
Registration Number: 43624768 (View Pedigree)
Semen packages available: 30 straws for $3000 and non-certificate.
Thank you for visiting our website. If we can provide you with any information on our Hereford sale cattle or the Hereford breed in general, please feel free to contact us at 815-823-6652.

Chris, Janell, Henry, & Morgan Happ

23817 Meridian Road :: Mendota, Illinois 61342
Phone: 815-823-6652 :: Email: happ84@yahoo.com
Andrew Spinazola, Herdsman: 1-309-313-2191
Home Sires Females For Sale
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